Empowering women to step into the unseen possibilities within themselves.

Change your Perspective * Find unseen Possibilities you had not imagined * Look at the new Pathways opening for you * Choose your path and Proceed to untapped Potential within yourself.

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What I Do

I help you look with new PERSPECTIVE at the hidden POSSIBILITIES which open new PATHWAYS as you choose how to PROCEED.

I Coach.

As a Life Coach I help you find possibilities within yourself you had not noticed by looking with new perspectives.

I Speak.

Let me share Defeating the LIES of Negative Self-Talk with your group.

I Write.

Knit and Crochet Bible Studies – now available on Amazon.

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“ I didn’t think I used Negative Self-Talk ”

Kathy D.

My Story

My name is TerryAnn Porter. I am a wife, mother, step-mother and grandmother.  

Marrying at 18, and mothering 2 beautiful girls, I divorced.  I remarried and on the day before my 11th anniversary, was suddenly a widow.  Right now my husband, Reed, and I are in our 20th year of marriage. 

Suffering chronic back pain, I enjoy helping others find their inner strength.  It is in this experience I have learned the most about my life – about who I am.

God can still use her to His glory by walking through life alongside others. “The blessing of helping others to find themselves helps me cope with pain, helps to fight off the depression that often accompanies chronic conditions, and keeps me focused on Christ.”

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach helping women from all walks of life move forward from where they are now, to where they and God desire her to be.